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ATR Measurements

With the optional slide-on attenuated total reflection (ATR) attachment, you can analyze highly infrared-absorbant or hard-to-prepare microscopic materials, often with little or no sample preparation. Examples of these materials include polymers, coatings, rubbers, coated papers, and biological materials.

Applications of ATR microscopy include:

  • Analyzing the surface of a sample.
  • Analyzing highly-absorbing materials and the surfaces of thick samples.
  • Analyzing surface coatings.
  • Analyzing surface defects, inclusions, or degradation.

Installing a slide-on ATR attachment

The slide-on ATR attachment fits into the 15x objective and has two positions:

  • Slide half-way / first stopping point to see through. Use with camera mode to view the sample.
  • Slide all the way to second stopping point for ATR.

A sensor on the microscope detects when the ATR attachment is installed, and the software prompts you to install or remove it as needed. 

Measure using ATR

To use the ATR crystal attachment for your measurement, you will install the crystal attachment, prepare your measurement settings, and measure the sample.

To measure using ATR

  1. On the dashboard, select ATR from the Analyze Using list.
    paradigm raptir atr settings.png
  2. "Capture a mosaic". 
    Once you have captured a mosaic, you can measure the background with the crystal installed and measure you sample using the area or points tools, just like a standard reflection measurement. In general, the default ATR Contact. 
  3. Optional: Review and edit the ATR Contact settings.
    1. In the Session view, click ATR Contact to view the ATR settings.

      Setting Description
      Target pressure This is the target pressure that will be applied during measurement. Click and drag the slider or enter an exact value.
      Release distance The vertical distance that the stage moves once the ATR contact is released. A larger distance provides more clearance but will cause the ATR measurement to take longer, since the stage will move farther at every point.

      Press Contact to test the contact pressure

      Press Release to release contact

  4. Analyze areas, lines, and points or Analyze particles. The software prompts you to insert or remove the ATR crystal attachment as needed.

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