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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Intended use

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope is a Fourier-transform (FTIR) microscope designed for use in a controlled laboratory environment, and is intended to be used with Nicolet series spectrometers. 

With the RaptIR microscope, you can quickly find your target, collect high-resolution visual images, and generate high spatial resolution IR data for analysis.

OMNIC Paradigm software includes a full suite of analytical tools, customizable workflows to automate your routine tasks, and simple to use tools for microparticle analysis as well as area, point, and line analysis.

With the RaptIR Microscope, you can sample thick (up to 4 cm) and heavy (up to 5 kg) samples, and with multiple objectives and an automated nose piece, the microscope supports a range of options for viewing samples and collecting IR data.

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