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High Detector Resets and Poor Resolution on some JEOL Microscopes



Some JEOL Microscope Stage LED's cause High Detector Resets & Poor Detector Resolution



  • Noran System 6
  • Noran System 7
  • Pathfinder


  1. Contact JEOL to inquire about the possible need for the JEOL installation of the JEOL option "R-Products". This option is totally controlled, installed, and supported by the OEM, JEOL. This option/modification disables the JEOL Stage LED's when the stage is stationary.
  2. The LED's are active ONLY when the stage is moving. After a stage move, the LED's are disabled again until the next stage move request.
  3. LED illumination degrade the performance of Thermo's  Microanalysis X-Ray detectors causing high resets and poor resolution.


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