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Neo OQ - Vanquish Neo Injector Linearity Failing


For the Vanquish Neo Injector Linearity OQ test, the higher volumes give you peaks that appear early and plateaued. 


  • Vanquish Neo
  • OQ


This is a result of an incorrect loading parameters in your method.


Keep Loop Inline = Selected

Fast Loading = Not Selected


Use 45 nL IQ flow cell, use of other flow cells may saturate the detector at higher injection volumes.


The inline Parameter gives a longer elution path and is is recommended for the higher flow rates as we use in the OQ.

With the correct parameters, peaks should correctly elute. The test also now uses the 10 ppm standard to help with detector saturation at high volumes.


These parameters where not specified in the protocol and template methods in first release.

Use of incorrect detector flow cell can also cause issues.