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How customers can access LogMeInRescue (LMIR) if they do not have access to any web browser on target computer


How customer can access LogmeInRescue (LMIR) if they do not have access to any web browser on target computer?



LogMeIn Rescue Support



Be Advised: Do not send these instructions to your Customer; this is not formatted or branded to be customer-facing. 

  1. Send the attached ZIP file to your Customer via e-mail or via OneDrive.
  2. Do not attempt to extract the MSI file therein and send it directly as our Exchange/Outlook mail servers will strip the MSI file.
  3. Your Customer will then need to extract the MSI file from the ZIP file and get it onto the target computer.

i.If they can receive e-mail on the target computer, it will be easy.

ii.If not, they will need to sneaker-net the file to it via removable USB drive.

iii.Or, they can upload the file to a network drive accessible from the target computer.

  1. Your Customer should then run the MSI file on the target computer.

i.This will install an applet.

ii.That applet will allow them to enter the 6-digit PIN code whenever you’re ready to provide it to them like you normally would.

iii.This replaces the web browser URL entry of

  1. You then manage the session like you normally would.

NOTE: Be advised that Customers might not permit ad hoc installations of software on their systems that have previously been qualified and/or validated. If so, see the Alternate Solution below


Alternate Solution:

  1. You can simply utilize a Rescue Lens session in which the FSE or Customer would direct their mobile device camera at their instrument computer screen.
  2. This will allow you to see exactly what they are seeing, and provide them with verbal instructions.
  3. Of course, this does not allow you to take remote control of their computer, but this has been used with great success for computer systems that are not connected to the Internet.