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GoTo - Remote Rescue and Live Lens - Technical and Organizational Measures


This Technical and Organizational Measures (“TOMs”) document sets out GoTo’s privacy, security and accountability commitments for Rescue and Rescue Lens.


  • Live Lens
  • Rescue Remote

Product Introduction

  • Rescue is an online remote support service used by technicians to provide remote assistance via the internet, without the need for pre-installed software.
  • With the permission of the User or other individual using Rescue/receiving support from a technician (End User), Rescue allows a technician to access and view and/or assume control of an End User’s computer.
  • Communicating through a chat window, the technician can vet, diagnose and repair computer problems and otherwise assist an End User with operating system and software application issues.
  • Rescue Lens allows End Users to stream their mobile device cameras (through the Lens mobile app) to a remote technician, allowing the remote technician to view problematic hardware such as a misconfigured router or a damaged automotive component.

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