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Thermo Fisher Scientific

What is the preferred Thermo Fisher remote support platform, and what does it do?


What is the preferred Thermo Fisher remote support platform, and what does it do?


LogMeIn Rescue Support

LogMeIn Rescue Live Lens



The preferred IES remote support platform is also preferred across all regions of Thermo Fisher, and it is known variably as:

  • LogMeIn Rescue & Rescue Lens (LMIR)
  • The Augmented Reality tool (AR tool) in IES and several other divisions
  • Smart Remote Support (SRS) in LSLPG/GSS

Listed here are the essential facts about this tool and how to get started with it:

  1. This tool is an integral part of the IES DRS (Digital Remote Support) approach, and can be used to provide a variety of remote support, troubleshooting/diagnosis, training, and mentoring activities.
    1. Support can be of any sort such as technical, product, regulatory, application, marketing, sales, etc.
  2. This tool is a single platform operating on an Internet-connected computer via two complementary feature sets that can be run independently or in tandem:
    1. Rescue Standard sessions allow Support Providers to remotely view/control computers, transfer files, chat with Support Receivers, and more.
    2. Rescue Lens sessions allow Support Providers to remotely assist Support Receivers via their mobile devices with augmented reality-enhanced interactions.  Support Providers can see and hear what Customers and Field Service Engineers see/say/hear through the mobile device live camera stream.  It is especially well-suited for solving physical environment problems such as wiring, plumbing, circuit boards, and anything that requires aural/visual inspection.

NOTE: This tool should not be confused with Rescue Live Lens or Rescue Mobile which are different products offered by the GoTo vendor (the vendor changed its name from LogMeIn in 2022).