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Furnace Accessories Not Recognized


  • Unable to align, clean, and purge the furnace autosampler
  • Magnet not recognized
  • Furnace not recognized


  • Solaar
  • iCE 3400
  • iCE 3500


Re-download the system software:

  1. In Solaar software click Action-> Communication-> Disconnect
  2. Find com port:
    1. action-> communicaiton-> set up communications port
    2. remember or write down this com port
  3. Put in the Solaar disk and choose "AutoPlay" 
  4. Choose the third option down "Download System Software"
  5. Select the correct com port from step 2 in the drop down box
  6. Choose the second option for furnace
  7. Check what accessory port the furnace is connected to, and choose the correct one in the drop down box
  8. Click download
  9. Confirm that the connections are correct and click continue
  10. You will then be prompted to turn the target systems OFF, then ON
    again. This will ensure that the software in the target system has
    been correctly initialized. Click OK when you have done this and
    the download will take place.
    1. The target system in this case is the furnace, so you will turn the furnace off and then back on.
  11. A dialog showing the progress of the download will be displayed.
  12. Once this is sucessful you can go back into Solaar and re-connect. The icons for the autosampler and furnace should no longer be grayed out, and they should be able to be recognized again.


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