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Loss of Sensitivity in Flame Systems


Some Atomic Absorption methods produced by flame may measure low absorptions as compared to the default "cookbook" specification.   This phenomena is called "loss of sensitivity".


  • S Series
  • M Series
  • iCE 3300
  • iCE 3500



Use the table below to help rectify loss of sensitivity:

Incorrect flame conditions Optimize flame conditions using the Wizard
Burner misalignment Optimize burner using the Wizard
Incorrect position of impact bead Optimize impact bead using the Wizard manually or manually
Reduced sample uptake rate

Verify uptake rate is >4.5 mL/min;
clean or replace nebulizer if necessary

Incorrect concentration of optimization solution Make up fresh solution
Incorrect wavelength Use cookbook default wavelength
Impact bead in wrong position Align impact bead for maximum signal


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