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The battery on the Sprint Valve needs to be replaced


"The battery on the Sprint Valve needs to be replaced" message is being displayed in Sprint Valve Configurator or Qtegra


  • iCAP 7600


Replace the battery using only a CR2032 (3.0V, non-rechargeable lithium coin cell) by performing the following actions:

1) Remove the right-hand cover of the instrument

Right-cover removal of iCAP 7000-6000 series.png

2) Locate the Sprint Valve PCB Assembly

Sprint Valve PCB Assembly.png

3) Remove the cover from the Sprint Valve PCB Assembly by removing the 4 phillip head screws located in the four corners of the plate

Cover off Sprint Valve PCB Assembly.png

4) Locate the battery and replace it

Battery location in Sprint Valve.png

5) If you are using Sprint Valve Configurator versus embedded control of Sprint Valve in Qtegra, close the Sprint Valve Configurator application and re-open it and the message to replace the battery should not appear again.



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