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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Radial POP Interface Kit for Duo


The dual view purged optical path plasma interfaces of the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7000 Plus Series ICP-OES enhance long term stability and improve detection limits
in the wavelength region below 180 nm for both axial and radial measurements. This Technical Note: SP-43438-ICP-OES-Purged optical path plasma-iCAP 7000 Plus-SP43438-EN.pdf  provides further details on this new interface for the radial view.

The P/N for the Radial POP Interface Kit is: BRE0011655. It contains the following items:

1x POP interface

2x glass window

2x O-ring

1x alignment tool

Radial POP Interface kit.png



  • iCAP 7000 Series


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