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Thermoflex Chiller HPC error


The Thermoflex 900 chiller turns off due to a HPC error caused by the Fan Motor siezing


Thermoflex 900, Thermoflex 1400, Thermoflex 2500 chillers


  1. Turn off the chiller and unplug the power cord.
  2. Open the right side cover (Figure 1).



(Figure 1)

3. Clean any dust with a vacuum at the air cooling fan and air cooling heat exchanger.

4. Add lubricant (WD-40) to the axial of the air cooling motor and rotate the fan using anything that can be used to turn the fan through the fan guard ex: pencil (Figure 2).


(Figure 2)

5. If the error persists then replace the fan motor (see instructions in attachments).


The Thermoflex chiller displays a HPC error.


The fan motor has seized causing a temperature increase in the cooling liquid.


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