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Unexpected Positioning Error


Unexpected Positioning Error when using non-FAST ESI autosampler





1) Download the ‘dummy’ FAST method here:

2) Copy the dummy FAST method to this location: C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\ESI\Methods\SC FAST\Methods\

3) Click on FAST Methods

FAST Methods.png

4) Select ‘NonFast’ from the ‘Open a user method’ dropdown menu

5) Save the LabBook

Note: It has been reported that this workaround sometimes does not resolve the issue. If this is the case, there is an ESI plugin that has been released in advance of the next version of Qtegra 2.14 which fixes this issue. This plugin only works with Qtegra 2.14.

To install, first uninstall current ESI plugin and then install this newer version which has the fix

ESI Autosamplers for Qtegra 2.14.exe



Version of the ESI plugin released with Qtegra 2.10 SR10 has a bug that will stop the LabBook with this error when using a non-FAST system (standard ESI autosampler) and no FAST method is selected.





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