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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sending the iTEVA database to Thermo Fisher


When applicable, data exhibiting a problem should be sent to TFS or to the Technical Support Representative you have been in contact with.

This is best accomplished by creating a new database and copying the relevant data to it. When data is copied to a new database the method used to generate the data is brought along with it. The new database, containing your data and method(s), can then be emailed to TFS. 


  • iCAP 6000
  • iCAP 7000
  • iTEVA software


The following steps describe the process for sending the iTEVA database to Thermo Fisher

Create a new Database
  1. With Analyst closed, from the Control Center select: Tools Options Application Database tab > Run Database Wizard
  2. Enter password: teva
    Thermo-123 or Thermo-456 (Windows 7) (for computers running Windows 7 the password may be stronger)
  3. Select: Create
  4. Name the new database: Instrument Serial Number or your name then press (ok)

Warning: (Do not use Spaces , Dots . , slashes \ /, or dashes -, in the Database name)

Add a Connection to the Database

Select the icon in the middle of the Application Database screen

  1. Server Name: .\iTEVA
  2. User Name: sa
    Password: teva
    (or the same password used in the wizard if using Win 7)
  3. Using the drop down box, select the new database you just created and press OK
  4. Name the connection, support suggests using the same name as the database itself. Press OK

Warning: Do not make this new connection active

Copy Representative Data from the old Database to the new Database
  1. Make sure the active connection in the Database Wizard is the old database connection.
  2. Close Application Database screen and return to Control Center
  3. Open Analyst
  4. Go to Results. Open at the top of the screen
  5. Find and select representative data  to send to us
  6. Use the Copy To command at the bottom of the results query screen and select the name of the new Database to copy selected data to.
  7. Close out of Analyst
Detach New Database

The next step is to find the database files and send them to TFS. However before you copy, move, or delete database files, you must detach the database first.

Navigate to  Tools > Options > select the Application Database tab > Select Run database wizard

Note: This is the same area you used to Create the new database.

detatch database.png

Obtain Database Files

Locate the two files that comprise the database detached in the previous steps and send them to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

file location.png

The .udl file is the connection and can be left behind.

Only need the .ldf and .mdf files are needed to be sent.

It may be necessary to compress these files into a Zip folder such that they are suitable for e-mailing. Change the .zip extension to .zzp before attaching to an e-mail

Obtain Database Files (Windows 7)

Windows 7 database files are stored in C:\Users\Public\iTEVA\AnData

win7 file location.png

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