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Flame ignition issues on FID module


FID does not turn on


  • Trace 1300 GC
  • Trace 1310 GC
  • FID Module


  • Check for column installation/flow issues by disconnecting the column and capping the FID.
  • Check the igniter is glowing properly and its cable is properly attached. If not glowing, replace the igniter and re-test. 
  • Check if the flame is ignited initially (the typical ignition sound is observed): 
    • If the ignition sound does NOT happen, try to ignite the flame manually with a high hydrogen flow and check if it is kept on with the normal  flows using the FID signal as indication. 
    • If it does NOT ignite manually or the flame switches off with the normal FID gas flows, check the gas purity and flows, seek for leaks and purge the gas lines thoroughly through the FID. Perform FID maintenance and replace the FID jet.
    • If it ignites manually and the flame stays on with the normal FID gas flows, replace the igniter and re-test. If this fails, replace the module.
    • If the ignition sound happens but the signal does NOT change with the ignition, check collector, the collecting pin and its wiring. Clean or replace the collector pin. Replace the FID module.
  • Check for FID module electronics issues. 


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