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079684-01 - Continuously Regenerated Trap CR - TC 500 Capillary Column - Product Manual


The CR-TC is a high-pressure electrolytically regenerated trap column designed for use with Eluent Generator Devices. The CR-TC can operate long-term without the need for frequent chemical regeneration. The device, when plumbed after the Eluent Generator, removes all anionic or cationic contaminants in the eluent or water continuously and provides low drift during gradient operations.


  • CR-ATC 500 Continuously Regenerated Anion Trap Column 500, PN 075550
  • CR-CTC 500 Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Column 500, PN 075551
  • CR-ATC Capillary Continuously Regenerated Anion Trap Column Capillary, PN 072078
  • CR-CTC Capillary Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Column, Capillary PN 072079