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Alarm light will not turn off


Alarm light will not turn off for pump


  • ICS-3000 SP
  • ICS-3000 DP
  • ICS-5000 SP
  • ICS-5000 DP 
  • ICS-5000+ SP
  • ICS-5000+ DP
  • ICS-6000 SP
  • ICS-6000 DP 


  1. Restart instrument and computer and make sure the connection is restored between the two. 
  2. Open Chromeleon and go to the F8 Commands by clicking the gear icon or pressing F8 when on the instrument tabs. 
  3. Right click on the windowpane and change to Expert Mode
  4. Under the Pump Module go to Commands and then run the self-test.
  5. If alarm light persists, contact Technical Support.