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How to properly install an electrochemical cell


Detailed instructions on how to properly assemble and install electrochemical cell reference electrode, working electrode and proper orientation of working electrode gasket.  How to properly tighten the working electrode.


  • ICS-3000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector (retired module)
  • ICS-5000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • ICS-5000+ Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • ICS-6000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • Integrion HPIC


Required Items

  • Cell body with spacer block and yoke knob assembly
  • pH Ag/AgCl reference electrode
  • Gold disposable working electrode with gasket
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • chem wipes
  • squirt bottle of ASTM I waters with waste beaker
  • non-powdered gloves

How to assemble electrochemical cell body

  1. Rinse reference electrode with ASTM I water
  2. Install reference electrode into cell body
  3. Unscrew yoke know 1 turn, squeeze tabs and remove yoke knob assembly
  4. Remove spacer block from cell body
  5. Rinse and dry with chem wipe the surface of the cell
  6. Using tweezers to handle gasket, slide the gasket over the cell alignment pins with square part of gasket facing the cell contact pin and make sure the gasket lays flat on the cell body
  7. Use tweezers to grab the gold disposable electrode tab (marked with "lift here")
  8. Slide the gold disposable electrode over the cell alignment pins of the cell with the circular gold contact pad aligned with the contact pin
  9. Reinstall the spacer block with the black PEEK block facing the cell body and electrode
  10. Replace the yoke knob assembly by squeezing the tabs and place them on the cell alignment pins
  11. Tighten the yoke knob until you hear a click

How to install the electrochemical cell assembly into the ED detector 

  1. Orient the cell with the yoke assembly on the left and push the cell onto the mounting location
  2. Plug the reference electrode and cell body connectors into the detector
  3. Connect the column outlet or the backpressure coil from port 3 of the injection valve to the ED cell inlet
  4. Connect the outlet line of the cell to the gas separator line that goes to system waste