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How to prepare the ED cell for storage


Detailed instructions on how to properly prepare the ED cell and its pH-Ag/AgCl reference electrode for storage


  • ICS-3000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector (retired module)
  • ICS-5000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • ICS-5000+ Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • ICS-6000 Electrochemical (ED) Detector
  • Integrion HPIC ED Detector


Required Items

  • fully-assembled ED cell 
  • plastic tweezers
  • clean, lint-free tissue
  • non-powdered gloves
  • squirt bottle of ASTM Type I water with waste beaker
  • 3 M KCl solution, prepared from solid potassium chloride (KCl)


It is recommended to prepare the ED reference electrode for storage if there will be no eluent flow through the detector cell for 2 days or more.  

Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Remember to wear non-powdered gloves.
  2. Ensure that the detector cell and the pump flow are set to OFF.
  3. Disconnect the tubing from the ED cell inlet and outlet ports, and reconnect with a union.  The system fluidics are now bypassing the ED cell. 
  4. Disconnect the two ED cell electrical cables from the Electrochemical Detector. 
  5. Grasp the cell by its body and pull it straight out to remove it from the detector. 
  6. Prepare the ED pH-Ag/AgCl reference electrode for storage:

6.1 Remove the reference electrode from the cell. 

6.2 Rinse with ASTM Type I water.

6.3 Locate the storage cap in which the electrode was shipped and fill it two-thirds full with 3 M KCl solution.

6.4 Insert the electrode into the cap and screw the cap securely onto the reference electrode.  Make sure there is no air bubble in the cap.  Add more 3 M KCl solution if needed.

  1. If the ED cell will not be used in 7+ days, then follow the instructions below to discard the disposable working electrode and gasket.

7.1 Loosen the yoke knob on the yoke block by unscrewing it for one or two turns. 

7.2 Squeeze the tabs on the sides of the yoke block, and then pull the knob and spacer block off the working electrode. 

7.3 Be cautious when handling the cell gasket and the inside surfaces of the cell to prevent scratches that may subsequently cause leakage. 

7.4 Use plastic tweezers to remove the old disposable working electrode and cell gasket from the cell body.

7.5 Rinse the surface of the cell with ASTM Type I water.

7.6 Clean the polished surface of the cell with clean, damp lint-free tissue. 

7.7 Reinstall the spacer block and the yoke knob and finger-tighten the yoke knob by turning it until the knob clicks into place. 

7.8 The ED cell may now be stored until future use.