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How to Fix AS-AP Autosampler Condensation


Condensation inside of AS-AP autosampler


AS-AP autosampler carousel


  1. Use paper towels to soak up as much liquid as possible on the trays, well plates, and bottom of the carousel.
  2. Verify the condensation fan is ON and set to MAX per the Operator's Manual.  Reference "Condensation on Vial Tops and Well Plate Covers".  065361 - Rev 07 - AS-AP Operator Manual.pdf

Turn on the condensation fan. The fan blows air recycled from the carousel area onto the top of the vials or well plates and prevents condensation from forming. To turn on the condensation fan, open the autosampler ePanel (in Chromeleon 7) or Control panel (in Chromeleon 6.8) and press F8. Under Sampler, set the CondensationFan property to Normal or Max.

  1. Verify proper drainage tubing flow if possible, modify/vent as shown below.

  1. If condensation is not resolved, contact your local support team and open a ticket.


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