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How to create a reference for tracking injections


How can I create a reference for tracking injections?


  • LX-2
  • LX-4
  • TLX-1
  • TLX-2
  • TLX-4


1. Select the system component that you want to track in the upper portion of the Maintenance dialog box.

2. Click Add. The Add Maintenance Reference dialog box appears.


3. Type a name for the reference. Enter a name that reflects the component you are tracking, such as Detector.

4. In the Warning Limit box, do one of the following:

  • To have the system notify you when a specific number of injections that involve the selected component has elapsed, type the number of injections.
  • To not have the system notify you when a number of injections have elapsed using the component, leave the box value set to 0.

5. To apply the setting across all channels for similar components, select the Apply Across All check box. With this check box selected, an injection on any of the channels updates the count for this reference.

6. Click OK.