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Replacing the TurboFlow Column every 300-1000 injections


How do I replace the TurboFlow column?

NOTE: Use the Maintenance dialog box to track injection numbers.


  • LX-2
  • LX-4
  • TLX-1
  • TLX-2
  • TLX-4


1. Turn off the column heater and allow the column heater to cool to room temperature.

       a. Open the Aria MX Direct Control window.

       b. Click a column heater that appears under the appropriate channel name.

       c. To turn off the column heater, click the Enable button so that it shows dark green.

       d. Repeat step b and step c to turn off the second column heater.

2. When the column heater has cooled, unwrap the column heater from the column.

3. Replace the column as directed.

Note: Use only your fingers to manipulate the tubing fittings on Prelude systems. Transcend systems require tools, depending on the procedure.