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Error Code 34 - Leak Detected


Vanquish Autosampler experiencing error Code 34: Leak Detected.

Vanquish pump experiencing error Code 34: Leak Detected.


  • Vanquish Core
    • VC-A12-A-02
    • VC-A13-A-02
  • Vanquish Flex
    • VF-A10-A-02
    • VF-A40-A-02
  • Vanquish Horizon
    • VH-A10-A-02
    • VH-A40-A-02
  • Vanquish Pump


  1. Find and eliminate the source for the leakage.
  2. Install a restrictor at the flow cell outlet, observing the pressure specification of the respective flow cell and the general guidelines for the flow cell.


Resolve liquid leak:

1. Locate the source of the leak. As leakage usually occurs at a connection, visually inspect all components and connections in the flow path.

2. Tighten or replace the connection or component as required.

3. With a cloth or tissue, thoroughly absorb all liquid that has collected in the leak tray and under the leak sensor. Be careful not to bend the sensor.

4. Allow the sensor to adjust to the ambient temperature for a few minutes. 

5. If leakage is no longer reported, you can resume operation.



Leak in system.