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HPLC Column care and general method development guides


The HPLC column is the most critical component of the HPLC system. Quality of your results will greatly depend on its performance. It is possible to extend the useful life of your HPLC column by adhering to recommended guidelines in handling, use and storage.

We hope you found the guides useful for getting good quality results and increasing useful life of your column. Please share any experiences that you may have by leaving your comment.


  • Thermo Scientific hydrophobic columns (C18, C8, C4, C30, polar embedded C18s, polar endcapped C18s, and other proprietary hydrophobic phases)
  • Thermo Scientific phenyl columns (such as Phenyl, Phenyl X, Phenyl Hexyl, PFP and Biphenyl)
  • Thermo Scientific mixed-mode columns (Acclaim Mixed Mode WAX-1, Acclaim Mixed Mode WCX-1, Acclaim Mixed Mode HILIC-1, Acclaim Trinity and Acclaim Surfactant columns)
  • Thermo Scientific HyperREZ XP columns ( HyperREZ™ XP (H+), HyperREZ™ XP (Pb2+), HyperREZ™ XP (Ca2+), HyperREZ™ (Na+), HyperREZ™ XP Organic Acid, HyperREZ™XP Sugar Alcohol, and HyperREZ™ XP RP columns)
  • Thermo Scientific HILIC columns (such as HILIC, amino, cyano and bare silica)
  • Thermo Scientific Hypercarb columns
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