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Oxygen (O2) Set Value


How do I set the O2 value?


  • Heracell VIOS 160i CR
  • Heracell VIOS 250i CR



Refer to the Heracell VIOS 160i/250i CR Operating Instructions for more information.

Image 1: Temperature Display 


  1. Press the O2 display key. The O2 menu is displayed.
  2. To exit the O2 menu, press the End key.
  3. To enter the O2 set value, press the Set value key.
    1. To increase the set value, press the + key.
    2. To reduce the set value, press the - key.


Image 2: Setting the O2 Set Value  


  1. To accept and save the set value, press the Enter key. The system returns to the main menu, and the O2 display shows the actual value currently measured in the workspace. 

Factory settings: Depending on the type of the O2 sensor, one of these O2 control ranges has been preset at the factory:

  • Control range 1: 1 - 21%
  • Control range II: 5 - 90%

Usage of the process gases:
For set values below 21% O2, the device must be connected to a nitrogen supply system. For set values above 21% O2, the device must be connected to an oxygen supply system. For set values of 21% O2, the O2 control is switched off and error monitoring is disabled as well.

NOTE: Make sure that the sensor has been correctly plugged into the socket. Improper installation of the sensor may cause corrosion at the contacts and calibration errors during the auto-start routine. You can verify the proper function by simply activating the sensor. When no error message occurs within 10 minutes, the unit is ready for the auto-start routine.

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