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Error 29


Error E-29 signifying that, upon centrifuge start up, the rotor did not spin or was not identified


  • GP1 Centrifuge
  • GP3 Centrifuge


Check to make sure that there are no obstructions in the chamber preventing the rotor from spinning free. Also thoroughly clean the entire bowl and rotor. Once verified and clean, measure the resistance of the motor windings for 2.2 ohms between all 3 phases and verify that motor shaft spins free by hand as well. Should the motor need to be replaced, it is P/N 20210429. Keep in mind that a motor grounding kit needs to be installed if it wasn’t previously installed. Contact Technical Support for any assistance or part numbers needed.

Another reason would be rotor identification by the sensor. If we know that the rotor spins upon starting the unit, verify integrity and termination of the ribbon cable from the rotor ID sensor to the main board. The rotor ID sensor is P/N 20150270. Special tool kit P/N 70904693 is needed to remove the auto-lock spindle on the shaft of the motor to access the sensor. If the error persists, the least likely possibility the issue may be with the Main PCB. If no bio-med technician is available to troublehsoot, Field Service Engineer dispatch is recommended.


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