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Factory and Software Reset


  • What is the difference between a factory reset and a software reset?
  • When would you use a factory reset? When would you use a software reset?


GP Pro


Both features somehow reset internal data. The list of programs is cleared, alarm and alert settings are set to their defaults and settings made in the “Controls” section of the software are also reset. After executing a “Factory Reset” or a “Software Reset”, the initial setup sequence (selecting language, location etc.) must be repeated.

There are certain parts of the data that are treated differently:

  • Event Log, Rotor Log and Chart Data are not erased when executing the “Factory Reset” on the “Files and Info” screen.
  • The “Factory Reset” feature also keeps all rotor/bucket information, including the selection made on screen “Settings/Controls/Rotor Bucket”. (The default buckets for swing‐out rotors and option to prompt for the installed bucket.)
  • When executing a “Software Reset” from within the “Service” screen, all the information remaining intact during a “Factory Reset” is also erased. Event Log, Rotor Log, Chart Data and all  rotor/bucket related information. By erasing all the rotor information, each installed rotor will be treated as an unknown rotor by the GUI software. Therefore it will be necessary to repeat the installation of the rotor parameters.  

When to use a factory reset or a software reset

  • The “Factory Reset” features is most likely the one you would use more often. It is useful when the instrument is passed from one user to another (e.g. it is used for different research activities).  In this case the “Factory Reset” will erase all programs and all user settings that have been made by the previous user. But you keep all the events and the rotor log data.
  • The only reason (I could think of right now) to use the “Software Reset” feature would be if you are using an already used GUI as a spare part from a different instrument. In this case you might want to start fresh without the event history and the (probably) wrong rotor information.


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