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Selecting and installing cryopreservation equipment


How to:

  • Differentiate various types of controlled rate freezing methods and their purposes
  • Develop a protocol for freezing a selected sample in which the potential for cell viability is maximized
  • Understand and identify sample phase changes
  • Select an appropriate storage system and accessories to meet your required protocol, facility restraints, and budget
  • Develop an installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) procedure required for a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laboratory


Cryopreservation program or laboratory


The attached Cryopreservation Guide is a practical tool for scientists who are responsible for an organization’s cryopreservation program. The guide presents the following:

  • Overview of the cryobiology of cell and tissue preservation
  • Comprehensive methodology for selecting and operating cryopreservation equipment
  • Guidance regarding installation and operational qualifications, and safety required in a GMP laboratory


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