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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Remote Alarm Contacts


Installing the remote alarm connector for a remote alarm system.


This document applies to Thermo Fisher Plus and Forma Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers:

ULT1350-10-A ULT1350-10-D ULT1350-10-V ULT1350-10-W
ULT1390-10-A ULT1390-10-D ULT1390-10-W ULT1390-10-V
ULT1786-4-A ULT1786-4-D ULT1786-4-V ULT1786-4-W
ULT1786-10-A ULT1786-10-D ULT1786-10-V ULT1786-10-W
ULT1786-6-A ULT1786-6-D ULT1786-6-V  
ULT1790-10-A ULT1790-10-D ULT1790-10-V ULT1790-10-W
ULT1750-10-A ULT1750-10-D ULT1750-10-V ULT1750-10-W
ULT2050-10-A ULT2050-10-D ULT2050-10-V ULT2050-10-W
ULT2090-10-A ULT2090-10-D ULT2090-10-V ULT2090-10-W
ULT2186-10-A ULT2186-10-D ULT2186-10-V ULT2186-10-W
ULT2186-6-A ULT2186-6-D ULT2186-6-V ULT2186-6-W
ULT2186-4-A ULT2186-4-D ULT2186-4-V  
ULT2586-4-A ULT2586-4-D ULT2586-4-V ULT2586-4-W
ULT2586-6-A ULT2586-6-D ULT2586-6-V ULT2586-6-W
ULT2586-10-A ULT2586-10-D ULT2586-10-V ULT2586-10-W
ULT350-10-A ULT350-10-D ULT350-10-V ULT350-10-W
ULT390-10-A ULT390-10-D ULT390-10-V ULT390-10-W
ULT3280-10HD-A ULT3280-10HD-D ULT3280-10HD-V ULT3280-10HD-W
ULT2586-10HD-A ULT2586-10HD-D ULT2586-10HD-V ULT2586-10HD-W


The remote alarm contacts are located on the back of the freezer above and to the left of the power switch. These are “dry contacts”, or non energized switches that change position in response to the specified alarm conditions.

After installing the wiring from the remote alarm connector, install the connector to the freezer micro board by plugging it into the receptacle provided. Follow these steps:

  1. With the unit in the alarm condition and while facing the unit, the left most pin (#7) is Open to Common.
  2. The second pin from the left (#6) is Common.
  3. The Third pin from the left (#5) is Closed to Common.
  4. The contacts will trip in the event of a power outage, high temperature alarm or low temperature alarm.