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Voltage Low, Power Boost, or Voltage Boost indicator is on


The Voltage Low, Power Boost, or Voltage Boost indicator on the front panel is on. Is this harmful to the freezer? 


Revco freezers


Revco freezers manufactured prior to 96Q1 have both a "Voltage Low" and "Power Boost" indicator. After 96Q1 these two indicators were combined and renamed "Voltage Boost." Whenever either indicator is illuminated, the incoming supply voltage to the unit is low.

All Revco freezers feature a "Voltage Boost" system designed to provide continuous compensation during periods of weak supply. During such an event, the actual line voltage may be displayed by pressing the button adjacent to the indicator.

Operating for extended periods at low voltage can shorten the life of the freezer. If the voltage low indicator lights frequently or all the time, we recommend you call an electrician to check the power supply. We also recommend that these freezers be connected to dedicated circuits, not shared with any other equipment.

The Voltage Boost System is provided on all models. However, the "Voltage Boost" indicator light is not provided on the Revco Value Series freezers.


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