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7007351 - Rev 0 - Tank Electroblotting System, Models VEP-2 and VEP-3 - Operating and Maintenance Manual


Operating and maintenance manual



Tank Electroblotting System, models:

  • VEP-2
  • VEP-3

Specifications and recommended running conditions:

Model VEP-2
Dimensions (Footprint):

5.125in W x 6.44in H x 7.3in D

(13cm W x 16.3cm H x 18.5cm D)

Buffer required: 1300ml
Gel size(maximum): 10cm x 10cm
Current requirements: 200-500mA
Time required: 45 minutes to 2 hours
Model VEP-3
Dimensions (Footprint): 30cm W x 30cm H x 9cm D
Buffer required: 4.0L
Gel size(maximum): 20cm x 30cm
Current requirements: 1.5 A
Time required: 60-120 min.