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System Startup after a Shutdown


Starting up the system after a shutdown


LTQ XL Ion Trap Model


Note: The recirculating chiller and data system must be running before you start up the instrument. The instrument will not operate until it has established a communication link to the data system.

To start up the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD:

  1. Start up the (optional) LC and autosampler as is described in the manual that came with the LC and autosampler.
  2. Start up the data system and the chiller.
  3. Turn on the flows of helium, nitrogen, and argon at the tanks, if they are off.
  4. Make sure that the main power switch of the LTQ XL is in the On position and the electronics service switch of the LTQ XL is in the Operating position.
  5. Place the main power switch at the right side of the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD in the On position.
  6. Put the Vacuum Pumps switch to the On position. The rotary-vane pumps and the turbomolecular pumps are started. Note Pumping the system after a complete shut down takes hours and requires overnight baking of the system.
  7. Put the FT Electronics switch to the On position. When you place the FT Electronics switch to the On position, the following occurs:
  1. Power is provided to all electronic boards. (The electron multiplier, conversion dynode, 8 kV power to the API source, main RF voltage, and quadrupole RF voltage remain off.)
  2. The internal computer reboots. After several seconds, the Communication LED on the front panel is illuminated yellow to indicate that the data system has started to establish a communication link.
  3. After several more seconds, the Communication LED is illuminated green to indicate that the data system has established a communication link. Software for the operation of the instrument is then transferred from the data system to the instrument.
  4. After three minutes, the System LED of the ion trap is illuminated yellow to indicate that the software transfer from the data system is complete and that the instrument is in Standby condition.
  1. Press the Reset button on the LTQ XL to establish the communication link between LTQ XL and internal computer.


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