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Bent quadrupole rods


Customer noticed that one of the the quadrupole rods on part number was bent, as shown in the image below:

bent quadrupole rods - image.png




  • It is possible that the quadrupole was not tightened down before the split gate and octopole were installed.
  • The quad needs to be installed into the black lens L1 first, pushing against the top cover baffle.This is the seating reference plane, so the rest of the optics register against it. If it is not seated first, it can be pushed forward enough to catch on the manifold rim.
  • The rods need to be straight, but with respect to these flater quads, it is not as critical, as the rods can be pushed back without having much effect on intensity.
  • The part can be replaced (part number: 97055-60035).
  • For more information about the LTQ optics, including instructions for reassembling the optics so that the MP0 is installed correctly, see the LTQ Series Hardware Manual.


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