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XCalibur Software Not Connected and Acquisition Server Error


Receiving a "Not Connected" and "Acquisition Server" Error on the Gas Chromatograph (GC), Mass Spectrometer (MS), or Autosampler (AS) device after booting up the XCalibur Software. 


  • Xcalibur
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • GCMS


If all hardware devices are Not Connected in the Software, repair the Thermo Foundation Software. If just one hardware device is not connected, then just repair that instrument driver. 

  1. Try opening Instrument Configuration and closing.
  2. Try rebooting the data system computer and power cycling all hardware.
  3. If all hardware devices (GC, MS, and AS) are not connected, repair Thermo Foundation Software.
  4. If only one hardware device is not connected, repair that instrument software driver:
    1. GC or AS is not connected, repair the GC Devices Driver.
    2. MS is not connected, repair the MS Driver.


The reason for this connection or Acquisition Server Error is the Thermo Foundation Acquisition Service is stopped / locked out by the computer / network.


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