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Antaris IGS Software Install Failure


Failed IGS install


Antaris IGS


Abort failed install
  1. The build is found to fail in the “Antaris IGS Documentation” sub-installer.
  2. The error asks you to insert the DVD.
  3. Cancel out of that error. You are now in the error state.
  4. Respond to questions until given the chance to abort the entire installation.
  5. Abort the entire installation. When you abort the install, all subsequent installers will NOT be run. That includes ALL of the RESULT installers.
Copy the installation software
  1. In File Explorer, navigate to the C: drive of the target computer.
  2. Right click in an empty space in the File Explorer file pane and select the New menu item.
  3. From the New pop up menu, select “Folder”. A new folder will appear in the file pane and it will have a name like “New folder”.
  4. Rename the folder to something like “IGSInstall”.
  5. In the File Explorer, select the DVD drive and select ALL of the files in the DVD directory. Use Ctrl-A to do this.
  6. Return to the C: drive and select the “IGSInstall” directory.
  7. Paste (Ctrl-V) all of the files from the DVD drive into C:\IGSInstall.
Delete files from the aborted install
  1. From the C:\IGSInstall directory, find the “ThermoMSIUninstall.exe” program and double click on it.
  2. Press “Select All” and then press “Start Uninstall”.
  3. When the uninstall is finished the main window of the program should be empty. Press “Close” to finish.
Install software
  1. In File Explorer, navigate to the C:\IGSInstall directory.
  2. Launch “start.exe” to start the install.
  3. Continue through the install as per usual.
  4. Verify that the install ran to completion.
Clean files
  1. Reboot computer.
  2. In File Explorer, navigate to the C: drive and select the IGSInstall directory.
  3. Right click and Delete the directory. 


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