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European Pharmacopoeia ValPro Changes


The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) has made changes to their guidelines on the requirements for qualifying FTIR spectrometers and ATR accessories. 


FT-IR spectrometry


Thermo Scientific ValPro software, version 2.9 reflects the changes in European Pharmacopoeia guidelines. ValPro Qualification Methods 1.1 include methods for both the FTIR spectrometer and ATR accessories. 

In order to upgrade to ValPro 2.9 a customer must have OMNIC 9.8 HF2 (OMNIC 9.8.372) or higher. 

For comparison, legacy and new Ph. Eur. ValPro results are included for comparison. Both the main bench and Smart iTR ATR accessory results are included as an examples.  


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