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FTIR Accessory Performance throughput specification


How do I check an FTIR accessory performance? Can I tell from the interferogram if the accessory is performing properly? 




FTIR accessory performance is measured by its %T when ratioed against the instrument’s open beam background by preforming the below procedure: 

  1. Collect open beam background with no accessory in the instrument sample compartment.
  2. Insert the Smart accessory into the sample compartment.
  3. When prompted that the Smart accessory has been inserted, either click the box labeled “Use Current Background” or cancel message box.
  4. Collect 100%T sample measuring accessory throughput.
  5. Measure %T at 1000 cm-1 for diamond crystals and 2000 cm-1 for all other crystal materials.
  6. Compare result to the minimum values listed in IR6116B - FTIR accessory performance testing and specifications document.


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