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Clean the Spectrometer and Touchscreen

Before cleaning the Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit spectrometer, turn it off and disconnect the power supply.

Clean the Summit Spectrometer

Gently clean the exterior of the instrument with a soft, clean cloth lightly dampened with mild soap.

Dust can collect on the electronics enclosure on the back of the instrument and can potentially interfere with heat dissipation, which may reduce the lifetime of the electronic components.

To remove dust from the back of the instrument, use compressed air to blow the dust off. Do not use any liquid when removing dust from the back of the spectrometer.

caution-shock.png Avoid shock hazard. To avoid shock hazard, do not allow liquid to run into the power supply or the back of the instrument.

Do not use harsh detergents, solvents, chemicals, or abrasives; these can damage the finish. Do not allow liquid to contact any windows in the sample compartment.


Windows can be scratched and ruined very easily. Do not touch or attempt to clean them. Dust will not affect the signal, but fingerprints can degrade the performance of the instrument and permanently damage mirrors or windows. If you wish to remove dust from a mirror or window, blow it off with a gentle stream of clean, dry air or nitrogen. Never allow any liquid to come into contact with a window or optical component in the instrument.

Clean the Touchscreen

To clean the back and sides of the touchscreen device, use a soft, clean cloth lightly dampened with mild soap.

To clean the screen, apply window or glass cleaner to a clean cloth or sponge, and gently wipe the screen with the cloth.


Do not use alcohol (methyl, ethyl, or isopropyl), thinner, benzene, or other abrasive cleaners.

Never apply the cleaner directly to the touchscreen.


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