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Connect an External Monitor

OMNIC Paradigm Software comes pre-installed on the Nicolet™ Summit and Summit PRO spectrometers, so all you need to start working is a monitor. Use the optional touchscreen or connect to an external monitor.

Connecting to an external monitor with the Mini DisplayPort gives you added flexibility. Connect a USB mouse and keyboard when using OMNIC Paradigm software for desktop.

To connect to an external monitor

  1. Connect a Mini DisplayPort cable to the Mini DisplayPort input on the spectrometer.

    summit displayPort.jpg

    A Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable is provided when you purchase a monitor with your Summit spectrometer.

    Some USB and Mini DisplayPort devices are known to interfere with the signal from wireless USB devices, such as wireless keyboards and mice. If you notice performance issues with your wireless keyboard and mouse, such as lag or delayed or missed input, use the provided USB extension cable to position the wireless USB receiver farther from the USB ports.

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