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Install the Touchscreen Monitor

Install the touchscreen monitor to save space in your lab and to take full advantage of OMNIC Paradigm software for touchscreen for quickly executing workflows and carrying out routine procedures.

115396_Summit install touchscreen attached.jpg

Tools and Materials Needed
  • Touchscreen monitor installation kit

    • Touchscreen monitor, with mount

    • New WiFi compartment cover with notch

    • 9/64-inch hex driver

Time needed: 25 minutes or less

To install the touchscreen monitor

  1. Prepare the spectrometer.

    1. Press the power button to turn off the spectrometer and then unplug the power cord.

    2. Turn off the purge, if applicable, and disconnect the purge line to the instrument and any accessory.

    3. Remove any accessory from the sample compartment.

  2. Remove the WiFi compartment cover from the back of the spectrometer.

    While standing in front of the spectrometer, gently squeeze the left side of the cover and lift the cover up and off of the spectrometer, as shown in Figure 1. This cover can be discarded or stored for future use.

    Gently squeeze the left side of the cover and lift it off of the spectrometer

    115398_summit remove cover no touchscreen arm.jpg

  3. Install the touchscreen monitor.

    The base of the touchscreen mount attaches to the spectrometer with three captive screws, as shown in the figure below.

    The base fits over three pre-drilled holes

    115399_summit touchscreen arm cavity edited.jpg

    1. Guide the front bottom of the mount into the compartment and then rotate the mount past the sides of the compartment, as shown in Figure 3.

      Position the touchscreen mount over the three pre-drilled holes

      115395_Summit install touchscreen arm steps.jpg

    2. Using the 9/64-inch hex driver, begin tightening each of the three captive screws to ensure that the mount is aligned over the holes. Once each screw is started, finish tightening all of the screws until they are snug. You may have to rotate the screen out of the way to access each screw.

      Rotate the screen out of the way if it is blocking access to the captive screw

      115403_summit touchscreen tightening screws.jpg

  4. Connect and position the three cables.

    The touchscreen monitor connects to the spectrometer with three cables: an HDMI cable, a USB cable, and the power cable. We recommend routing the cables in the sequence described below to ensure that the cover sits properly over the cables.

    1. Plug the thin power cable into the power port and then lay the cable along the guides running along the top of the compartment, as shown in the figure below.

      The three cables wrap behind the spectrometer’s sample compartment

      summit attach touchscreen ports and cables.jpg

    2. Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port, but leave the cable outside of the cable guides for now. Slide the ferrite choke as close as possible to the HDMI port.

    3. Plug in the USB cable and lay the cable on top of the thinner power cable in the cable guides.

    4. Tuck the coiled portion of the HDMI cable into the compartment in front of the base of the touchscreen mount, as shown in Figure 6. It may be easier to roll the cable into place rather than pushing it.

      Tuck the extra length of HDMI cable in front of the touchscreen mount

      115401_summit touchscreen install hdmi in cavity.jpg

    5. Lay the HDMI cable on top of the USB and power cables in the cable guides, and tuck any excess cable in front of the touchscreen mount.

      If you have a Summit PRO spectrometer, route the HDMI cable between two of the vertical fins of the heat sink.

      The HDMI cable should fit tightly along the side of the touchscreen mount. Excess or loose cable can obstruct the compartment cover and prevent the cover from closing.

      The three cables fit in the cable guides along the back of the spectrometer

      115405_cables with HDMI highlight.jpg

  5. Install the new cover and turn on the spectrometer.

    1. Insert the tabs on the cover’s right edge into the slots in front of the touchscreen mount, and then lower the cover over the cables and press the cover down until it snaps into place. There should be only a thin, uniform gap between the covers.

      Position the cover around the touchscreen mount first, then lower it into place

      115404_Summit install touchscreen place cover.jpg


      Avoid shock hazard.

      To ensure a good ground connection and avoid shock hazard, do not use an outlet that is connected to a conduit ground. The ground must be a noncurrent-carrying wire connected to earth ground at the main distribution box.

    2. Plug in and power on the spectrometer.

    3. To turn on the touchscreen, press the power button on the rear side of the monitor.

      115406_Summit touchscreen monitor power button.jpg

Congratulations. Your touchscreen monitor is installed and ready for use. With the touchscreen monitor installed, you can open OMNIC Paradigm software and switch to the touchscreen interface for a convenient, streamlined experience.

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