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Install the software and Affirma workflow package

Follow the steps below to install the Affirma workflow packages.

To install the Affirma workflow package
  1. Run the Setup.exe file to install the corresponding Affirma package for your accessory, then reboot your computer. Each accessory has its own file.
  2. Start OMINC Paradigm software.
  3. Connect to your instrument. To do so, go to Configure > Connectivity > Nicolet Summit.
  4. Go to Configure > View > Operator. This will put the software in Operator mode.
  5. In the upper left-hand corner, select the triple bar button, then choose Administrator and enter the password.
  6. Select Open in the upper right-hand side of the screen and select the following path:

C:\Users\Public\ Documents\Thermo Scientific\OMNIC Paradigm\Factory Packages

Figure 1-1: Open folder icon in OMNIC Paradigm software Operator mode


Figure 1-2: OMNIC Paradigm software Operator mode Factory Packages location


  1. Select the .rdep file for your accessory and select Open.

The .rdep file will only appear if you have followed these steps in order and installed the appropriate Setup.exe file.

  1. In the upper left-hand corner, select the triple bar button, then select Home to exit Operator mode.

The Affirma workflows for your accessory are now available in Operator mode.

Figure 1-3: OMNIC Paradigm software home screen with Affirma workflows



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