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Install the Pike HATR Accessory

The Lubricant Analysis System includes a Pike HATR accessory and its custom baseplate designed to fit in the sample compartment of a Nicolet Summit X spectrometer. The baseplate fits over two alignment pins in the spectrometer sample compartment and is held in place by strong magnets. Once the accessory is mounted on the baseplate, you can install and remove them as a unit.

To install the Pike HATR accessory
  1. Orient the Pike HATR baseplate with the Pike label facing front and then lower the baseplate onto the spectrometer.

Once the two alignment holes in the baseplate line up with the alignment pins in the spectrometer sample compartment, the baseplate seats itself.

  1. Grasp the Pike HATR sampling plate by the edges and set it on top of the baseplate. Make sure the alignment holes on the underside are at the back of the accessory baseplate.

Figure 1-1: HATR sampling plate and baseplate

Affirma HATR 1 .png

A HATR sampling plate
B HATR baseplate

To remove the HATR accessory, grasp the baseplate by the front and back edges and lift the baseplate and the sampling plate straight up and off the spectrometer. Store the accessory in a clean, dust-free environment such as its shipping box or a cabinet.

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