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Clean the ATR crystal

Make sure the ATR crystal is clean before and after taking sample and background measurements with the Affirma Lubricant Analysis system.

Materials required:

  • Small volume of heptane or isooctane
  • Clean dropper bottle for cleaning solvent (provided)
  • Clean, non-abrasive laboratory wipes (unscented and lotion-free; paper napkins work well)
  • Powder-free nitrile gloves

Avoid chemical exposure. Isooctane and heptane are chemical irritants. When handling isooctane or heptane: 

  • do not ingest
  • avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • avoid inhaling vapor or mist
  • wear gloves that provide adequate protection
  • properly dispose of soiled containers, wipes, gloves, etc.
When cleaning the ATR crystal, avoid using excessive force or you may damage the crystal.
To clean the ATR crystal
  1. Use a clean, non-abrasive laboratory wipe to soak up most of the sample material.

Figure 1-1: Wiping off sample material with non-abrasive cloth

Affirma HATR 4.png

  1. Use a new wipe to gently clean the ATR crystal and surrounding area.

Figure 1-2: Cleaning the ATR crystal

Affirma HATR 5.png

  1. Place a few drops of cleaning solvent onto a new wipe and use it to thoroughly clean the crystal and the area around it.
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