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ValPro Installation Failure Error 1320 and Failure Error 1303


Error 1320 or 1303 when installing ValPro software causes the installation to fail.


  • ValPro
  • Windows 10


Method 1

Using the Windows File Explorer to navigate to the C:\ProgramData\ directory. Be aware that the ProgramData directory is a hidden folder. You can navigate to this hidden folder by either having Windows show hidden folders, typing in C:\ProgramData into the File Explorer address bar, or clicking on the Windows Start menu and typing in %ProgramData% and pressing the Enter key.

In the File Explorer window, Junctions will be displayed as a folder with a shortcut arrow icon in the lower left. In the example in the attachment, the folder “JunctionTest” is a Junction type folder. The ValPro installer error normally indicates the Junction folder C:\ProgramData\Documents\Thermo. Find the Documents folder in the ProgramData directory and verify that it has the shortcut arrow icon on it. If so, right click on the Documents folder and select the Delete command in the popup menu to remove the Junction folder. Once that folder has been deleted, clicking the Retry button in the ValPro installer should allow it to proceed.

Method 2

You can also manually remove the junction using the Command Prompt window. Click on the Windows Start menu and type in CMD. Click on the link for the Command Prompt application. In the command prompt window type in the command: rmdir C:\ProgramData\Documents And press the enter key. This will again remove the junction link and once that is removed, clicking Retry in the ValPro installer window should allow the installation to proceed.

Refer to the attachment for more information.


Typing the following command in command prompt CMD will reveal whether or not the junction is broken:

Dir C:\programdata /al

If drive letter reported starts with the incorrect drive letter, then the junction is broken. An example of a broken junction would be S:\user\public\documents.


The issue can be caused by documents junction being broken in Windows


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