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Analyze and process FT-Raman data

You can perform a correlation search in the FT-Raman analysis view to identify unknown measurements.

To do a correlation search in your FT-Raman session

  1. When your measurement is complete, go to the Measure tab.

  2. Select a measurement.

  3. In the toolbar, select Search.

The best match is displayed in the spectrum pane.

The result is not saved, so if you select another measurement, you must Search again to view the result.

If you want to save your Search result or view more details about the results, send the spectrum to the dashboard and then open it in the spectra view.

To apply other types of processing to your data, open the session in the analysis tab.

  1. Save and close your session.

  2. From the dashboard, go to the Session list and open the saved session.

In the new tab, you can now select measurements and go to the Process menu to choose other processing steps. Any processing that you apply is displayed in the History tab.

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