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Analyze Areas, Points, and Lines

Create a chemical image of an area of the sample surface by specifying one or more areas to analyze. You can also measure lines or individual points using the line tool and point tool. You can measure areas, lines, and points together.

Measure areas, lines, and points

Measuring areas, lines, and points requires you to first capture a mosaic and measure the background.

❖ To analyze areas, points, and lines

  1. Capture a Mosaic.

  2. Measure a Background Spectrum.

  3. Specify areas, lines, and points to analyze. You can add multiple areas, lines, and points to a single analysis.

    To analyze Select this tool Perform these steps
    Areas tool-area.png
    1. Select the area tool.

    2. Click and drag on the mosaic to draw the area.

    Lines tool-line.png

    1. Select the line tool.

    2. Click and drag to draw a line.

    Points tool-point.png

    1. Select the point tool.

    2. Click to add a point.

    Use the cursor tool to select or delete areas, points, and lines.

  4. When you are finished adding area, lines, and points, click Sample. When the measurement is complete, view the results in the new tab.

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