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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Analyze Particles

Use the particle analysis tools to locate, characterize, and identify microparticles.

❖ To analyze particles

  1. Prepare your sample

  2. On the dashboard, select Analyze particles.


  3. Capture a Mosaic.

  4. In the session view, review the mosaic and make any needed changes to focus and illumination. Capture a high-magnification mosaic if needed.

  5. Measure a Background Spectrum

  6. Analyze particles.

    1. Select the Particle Analysis tool , and click and drag to draw a rectangle on the mosaic. This is the region of interest, where the software will detect particles. When you have drawn a region, the Particle Analysis pane opens.


    2. Refine your selection using the options and selection tools. Select Recalculate after updating settings to update the particles. 
    3. When you are satisfied with your selection, click Accept. This saves the selection settings but does not yet measure the data.
    4. Click Sample.
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