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Apply Kramers-Kronig Correction

The Kramers-Kronig Correction is useful for converting a specular reflectance spectrum to a more typical transmission spectrum. The corrected spectrum uses absorbance units and is normalized to a maximum value of 1 absorbance unit.

Specular reflectance spectra are often problematic for analysis because their peak positions, intensity ratios, and spectral patterns prevent you from using them in quantitative analysis and spectral searches.

This correction gives you the best results when the starting and ending frequencies of your spectrum are flat regions. You should also remove water vapor and carbon dioxide by either purging the spectrometer or using atmospheric suppression. If needed, you can also use the Straight Line tool to remove these features.

To apply the Kramers-Kronig Correction

  • Desktop

    From the Spectra view, go to the Process menu and select Apply Kramers-Kronig Correction.

  • Touchscreen

    From the Spectra view, open the main menu and select Spectral Corrections > Apply Kramers-Kronig Correction.



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