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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Import and export data

You can import and work with a variety of file types that were created with other applications.

Spectral data

OMNIC Paradigm can read the following types of spectral data:

  • OMNIC Spectra (*.spa and *.spg)

  • Grams (*.spc)

  • JCAMP-DX (*.jdx)

  • Perkin-Elmer (*.sp)

  • Bruker (*.[0-9])

  • Jasco (*.jws)

  • TSV Text (*.tsv)

To import spectra data, go to the File menu and select Open Spectrum.

Spectra can be exported from OMNIC Paradigm in any of the following file types:

  • SPA

  • TSV

  • SPC

Time series measurements

You can import Time Series measurements created with OMNIC Paradigm (.srsx) or legacy time series measurements created in OMNIC (*.srs).

To import a Time Series measurement, go to the File menu and select Time Series > Open.

Microscopy data

You can import two types of microscopy data:

  • *.session files, created with OMNIC Paradigm software

  • *.map files created with legacy OMNIC software

To import microscopy data, go to the File menu and select Session > Open.

Workflows and packages

You can also import and share workflow and package files. Workflows are saved with a .rwfl file name extension and packages use .rdep.

To import a workflow or package, go to the File menu and select Workflow > Open or Package > Open.

To export a workflow or package, right-click the workflow or package on the dashboard and select Export.

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