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EPA Method 300.1 Templates - User Manual


I need help with setting up Chromeleon using EPA Method 300.1 templates for the determination of inorganic anions in drinking water.

I need help with setting up processing methods, report templates, and custom variables.


Requires Chromeleon 7.2 SR2 or later

EPA 300.1 analysis

Chromeleon eWorkflow


See attached zip file.  This can also be found on the Chromeleon 7 installation disk.

The Chromeleon EPA 300.1 eWorkflow contains files that allow you to quickly and easily calculate results that require advanced calculations. All calculations described in method 300.1 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are included. All required items to perform the calculations are combined in this eWorkflow:

  • Sequence Templates
  • Processing Methods
  • Report Template
  • Custom Variables

Furthermore, the eWorkflow contains the following files:

  • User Manual
  • Example Sequence



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